It’s never critical, if monitored daily

Quahog’s Body Monitoring App helps people to stay aware of their health conditions and take preventive measures if they sight a slight signal of deviation. Users are notified whenever there is a variance in health patterns. Based on the analysis, users get instant recommendations to resolve basic scenarios through diet or an exercise routine. You can share data with your doctor for quicker and collaborative resolution. With easy up-to-date information, you are never ill-prepared to handle a health attack.

The app gathers data from several integrated data sources and unifies data for holistic analysis. The app gets its data from home testing devices(blood and urine), portable ultrasound devices, prescribed MRI Scan inputs along with other essential data from lab reports. Though most periodic data come from home kits, the user might have to visit a lab occasionally for other inputs that are not collected from portable sets.

The app collects data of your daily nutritional intake patterns and work-out patterns and integrates into the unified stack. Past data like manual prescriptions and reports can be scanned and uploaded into the app, which is further extracted and stacked.

The stack is constantly monitored for patterns as it learns implicitly over information available on the free web and explicitly over millions of patient records exposed to the machine learning module.

The app will be a useful for people over 60 as they are constantly bogged with health worries. By keeping an update on their body processes, they can lead a hassle free life without any health surprises.


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