Diet Personalization For Balanced Health


Quahog ‘ReQo” is a diet personalization app that frequently collects data about your food and lifestyle to recommend what food/activity might be the best for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

ReQo is a simple mobile application that communicates with you frequently to understand what you have been eating/drinking along with lifestyle inputs. Using these inputs, the application will be able to calculate the difference between energy intake (diet) and energy outflow (exercise) along with RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) parameters. The Diet Parser engine is capable of determining energy levels for a given dish, which is used to compute energy intake value.

Based on key nutrients consumed and the energy differential, ReQO can recommend a diet/exercise plan for the week, making sure your energy regime is a clinically drafted one. By collecting data regularly, ReQo is capable of learning from performance patterns over a period of time to deliver accurate recommendations, personalized to you.

Why is it important?

We believe that ‘being aware’ can help us resolve many of the health issues we face. There is a lacuna in terms of understanding just how much energy is needed every day and, whether the food we eat is in sync with our requirement. An ignorant and poor nutritional discipline can lead to these health issues, such as lower core strength, a slower problem-solving ability and muscle response time, and less alertness to the environment. Poor nutrition has been shown to create many other negative health effects as well.

Being aware of our energy levels let’s us manage our health better and energy levels indicate a lot going on in the body.

#1. Regular monitoring can help detect or even predict scenarios of probable weakness, easy fatigue, becoming overweight, unusual hunger, and many more symptoms, all complications caused due to lack of basic nutrients. You can simply avoid all of these by sticking to an ‘aware’ health regimen.

#2. By monitoring energy intake and outflow periodically, you can get an understanding of whether the body is chaotic and fighting internally for energy or, if the available energy has been spent more naturally.

#3. Energy can be considered as one of the macro parameters that signal ageing. Science explains how ageing has demonstrated depleting energy levels and activity within the cellular matrix.  Monitoring the energy intake, usage and storage for a longer period of time helps in understanding the performance of the body and lets us take necessary measures to build up energy levels when they show signs of reduction.

Energy management and conservation is the one defining rule for all cellular forms, which we relate to or consider as the state of active or ‘being alive’. We can also relate this to the Second law of Thermodynamics which translates that the state of total entropy in an isolated system always increases with the passage of time, but can remain constant in seldom seen ideal cases where the biologic system seems to stay is in a steady state or is shown undergoing a reversible process.

Frequent monitoring will help us detect and address any such energy issues instantly. Whenever there is a change into a negative state, ReQo will recommend ways to help maintain required energy levels to stay healthy and active, irrespective of the age, at all times.




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