Safe Suits for Safer Living


The human body is fragile and susceptible to injuries on account of the external environment. The body perishes on account of diseases caused by pathogens in the environment or due to high impact or collision accidents or even fire. Though the body’s defense mechanism is equipped for pathogen attack, it is still susceptible to stronger pathogens which might result in weakening the body. The threat could arise from either 150+ Bacterial attacks or 70+ Fungal attacks or 50+ Viral Diseases Or 20+ Parasitic Diseases and it needs to have a stronger defense mechanism to neutralize these attacks. Stronger mechanisms should also address other collision damages or fire damages so that we can protect the body from external damages

Creating an external defense line

The current built-in defense mechanism in the body is broken into external and internal defense lines. We have our external line of defense in the form of eyes (tears), nose (nasal hair), mouth (tonsils), skin (sebaceous glands) and stomach (stomach acid, good parasites), backed by internal line of defense, which can be further classified as 1st line (Phagocytes, Natural Killer Cells) and 2nd line (T-Cells, B-Cells)



In order to support existing defense lines and bring down the workload, we need to build an external defense line that can

  • Help detect pathogens in the external environment
  • Help monitor temperature
  • Resist high impact collisions or blasts

Build Safe Suits for everyday life

With the aspiration to building an external defense line for regular use so we can bring down deaths occurring due to pathogen attacks or high impact accidents, we are designing a suit, that incorporates different functions into layers of fabric that can help minimize risks encountered in daily life


The idea is to design suits that can be afforded by general masses who live in an environment where there could be threat from viruses or threat from humans (bomb blasts)

Safe Suits

Safe-Suits are a wearable jacket with a headgear accessory. The design of the suit uses an auxetic fabric layer sandwiched between a PCM (Phase change material) interior layer and an exterior nano-biosensors incorporated fabric. Data is connected to the user’s mobile phone application for alerts, general body updates, and recommendations

The 3D Auxetic fabric structure makes it attractive for protective clothing due to a homogeneous porous structure under uniaxial tensile load, better formability into complex shapes and high energy absorption capability. The PCM interior helps maintain temperature from the interior and the fabric with embedded nano-biosensors help us get updates on potential pathogen threats in the surrounding environment


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