Medical Innovations: Progress in 2015


# Researchers discover the location of memory in a human brain

# A Chinese company that 3D prints implantable bones began human trials in June

#Bio-Engineers at Harvard create the first examples of cyborg tissue: neurons, heart cells, muscles, and blood vessels all interwoven by nanowires and transistors

# A new method of injecting nanoscale electronic scaffolds directly into the brain is developed to treat everything from neuro-degenerative disorders to paralysis

#Chinese scientists develop a silicon chip with silver nanoparticles that can rapidly detect different pathogens in blood samples

# Researchers create artificial neurons that function like human neurons and bypass damaged nerve cells to restore neural function

# Scientists successfully implant false memories in mice using electrodes to directly simulate and record the activity of nerve cells

# MIT develops a new fibre less that the width of a hair that allows computer to deliver optical signals and drugs directly to your brain

# Pfizer agrees to work with Ido Bachelet’s lab to create programmable DNA nanobots that can travel to certain locations of the body and kill cancer cells

# A new bionic lens is announced that will allow people to see three times better than 20/20 vision through a painless procedure as early as 2017

# Researchers prove for the first time that cryogenically suspended worms retain specific acquired memories after reanimation

# Britain votes to allow the worlds first three-parent invitro fertilization babies which can help prevent many inherited incurable diseases

# A new DNA Based blood test is revealed that can determine every virus a person has ever had from a single drop of blood

# A new type of pluripotent stem cell is discovered that could eventually allow human organs to be grown in large animals

# Scientists successfully map the epigenome, which can be thought of as the molecular switches that can turn on or silence individual genes in the DNA

#Scientists discover the first new antibiotic in 30 years through a breakthrough method involving the use of microchip to grow microbes in soil

#Chinese scientists announced that they have genetically modified human embryos using CRISPR







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