Forever Young

An excerpt from Manhattan Beach Project


In order to reverse the damages of aging, we most likely only have to mature the following technologies and sciences. Some current technologies are designed to extend your life. Longer-term projects are being developed to transform the elderly into youthful people and to keep them youthful and healthy.

  • Caloric Restriction – Several companies are developing drugs that mimic the effects of caloric restriction. So far, caloric restriction is the only way to extend the maximum lifespan of mammals.
  • Evolutionary Genomics – A California company has extended the lifespan of laboratory animals by 300%. Then they identified about 300 genes related to aging that may be identical to human genes. Now they are identifying and developing compounds that may trigger those genes to extend human lives.
  • Telomere Maintenance – Each time your cells divide, telomeres, little strings at the ends of your chromosomes, shorten. Eventually, they become too short to support your cell’s life, and it dies. Companies are discovering compounds that lengthen shortened telomeres, and one is already selling its product.
  • Aging Genes and Manipulation – Many companies are discovering aging related genes and are tricking them into acting in the best interests of your longevity.
  • Immune System Modulation – A new company has discovered a way to analyze your immune system and then offer steps to restore it to the condition it was in when you were a young adult.
  • Extracellular Aging and Regeneration – As our bodies get stressed by our environment and by the food we eat, some of your proteins or fats and sugars get tangled up. This is called crosslinking and the result is similar to old leather drying and cracking. This happens to you, inside and out. Companies have developed compounds to slow or stop crosslinking and are working on ways to reverse it.
  • Stem Cells/Regenerative Medicine – Science is rapidly marching forward to use replacement cells to repair or even replace nearly every organ in your body.
  • Tissue/Organ Storage – As you age, your cells, tissues and organs deteriorate. Companies are now storing cells, and soon, you may be will be able to store young backup tissue and organs.
  • SENS/Mitochondrial Rejuvenation – Science has discovered it may be much easier to repair the damages of aging instead of preventing the damage from occurring in the first place. You could possibly have your body repaired periodically and keep it going indefinitely.
  • Arresting Dementia – As we live longer, we are more prone to developing dementia. A new company has developed a compound that would stop the progression of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS. The next step would be to reverse and cure the diseases themselves.
  • Artificial General Intelligence – Imagine a team of researchers who work around the clock for years at a time without a break. Then imagine them learning almost instantly with 100% recall. Artificial General Intelligence will deliver that to us.
  • Nanomedicine – Now imagine a technology that could fix every single one of the tens of trillions of cells in your body. That means being able to restore them (and you) to a physiological 21 year old.
  • Genome Reengineering – In each one of your cells, you have about 25,000 computer programs (your genes). We are rapidly gaining the knowledge to reprogram your genes to make them resistant or immune to disease and even to aging.
  • Utilizing Today’s Technology and Knowledge to Prolong Your Life – We know enough now to add at least ten years to average lifespans. Utilizing that knowledge could add enough years to your life to keep you alive until science is able to transform you into a biologically younger version of yourself.
  • Cryonics – What if everything else fails in your lifetime? Then we have a form of suspended animation called cryonics that could keep your cells from deteriorating after “legal” death and restore you to health and youth in the future.



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